[Keith] is pleasant to deal with: easy to book, affordable, reliable. Have used him multiple times. Our festival is geared toward children and he is received well by both children and adults. Was really pleased with the variety of music and how well it carried in the crowd without additional amplification.
- Susanna Reppert, The Rosemary House
My husband and I really enjoyed you at the Kinzua Heritage Festival last year. Your costume and music were both terrific! We hope to make it again this year and hopefully you'll be there too.
- Cheri Carbaugh
We discovered the secret hidden talent at Wild Rose Ren Faire! [Keith] was the wandering minstrel-- didn't have a set stage time; he traveled around the faire stopping to play here and here. We could hear him, but couldn't always find him -- but the faire is small enough to follow the sound! It was nice to meet you and wonderful to hear you.
- "LadyLinnea"

Keith Engle plays Irish dance tunes on the fiddle; jigs, reels, hornpipes, slides, polkas, and waltzes. He has played at festivals, weddings, catered dinners, themed feasts, wineries, and pub gigs throughout the mid-Atlantic and New England regions. He is available to travel virtually anywhere, and can play solo, or with accompaniment on guitar and/or bodhran (Irish drum), depending on the needs of the event

On stage, he plays high energy music, and; if the venue wishes, provides educational historical context for the role of Irish music and culture in European and American history in between tunes, or tells fantasy stories from the Irish tradition. In a dinner party type environment, he can provide background music for up to four hours.

He can play in Renaissance/Fantasy costume or modern clothing with a kilt.

He is available for group and private workshops on Irish fiddle for beginner/intermediate players.

Specializing in concerts, Renaissance festivals, Fairy festivals, Celtic-themed weddings, Victorian Christmas shows, and catered event entertainment.

For booking info, send an email to:

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